Food Ordering System

Powerful Self Ordering System for Customers, Cashier, Kitchen, Waiter, Content author and BOSS.
Suitable for Salad Bar, Restaurant, Tea/ Coffee  and fast food Shop.

Customers can order online. Food Rio can be used din-in too. 

Food Rio Food Ordering System- din-in


How to get Food Rio System?

The restaurant owner enter your restaurant's name in  above. Then click on "Create my Store Now" button. 

 Next, please fill up your detailed information accordingly. Then, click on "Send" button.

Is that simple? The answer is "yes".

Your restaurant will be ready within 48 hours. You may view your restaurant from <your restaurant>. The menu will be shown with some sample images.  

You may feel free to change with your images for own menu. The customers can see your menu and place order. 


Food Rio Food Ordering System - din-in

Food Ordering System

Food Rio is din-in or online ordering System. It is simple and powerful self Ordering System. Customers can order from their mobile phone. The customers can view the menu from their mobile phone and place order easily. There is no waiter or waitress  are required to make order. 

Food Rio is very useful for all restaurant owners who want to get solution for improve their order system. Both customers and owners will get benefit by using Food Rio System. Apart from that Food Rio system helps cashier to complete the transaction of orders. The products can be updated in menu any time easily. 

The Shop manager can view financial statement via reports. 

Industries for Food Rio

It is suitable for Salad Bar, Restaurant, Tea, Coffee and fast food shop. Customers can view menu from their mobile. Then customers select and order their food from menu appears on their mobile. The customers can share the post via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Who can use Food Rio Ordering System?

Food Rio Ordering System can be used by Cashier, Kitchen, Content Author, waiter and BOSS.

The cashier can update order status to complete after paid.  The Content Author can create or edit post and products. 

The Boss can view the financial report. 

Food Rio Food Ordering System - kitchen
Food Rio - Kitchen
The chef can see total quantity which needed to be cooked. The total quantity can be reduced after prepared. The total quantity can be amended by reduce or increase button.  
The waiter or waitress can view orders with table number to deliver the food.